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Great funny sport book

Amazing But True Sports Stories - Phyllis Hollander, Zander Hollander

This book is about sport stories in total 87.Some of this stories are hilarious, really wow yes i said wow because they are so amazing. This is one of the amazing stories in fact is the first stories in the book. The stories was call Going going gone is about Dave kingman aka king kong. He pitch the ball but the ball never came back that is amazing.




   This book connect with me because one time i kicked the soccer ball and i never found it. In fact is still somewhere waiting for me. I think a lot of people had have a lot of amazing things that had happened to them wild doing sports.And in the book a lot of these stories were in commun. 




      I would recommend this book because its funny sad and all this stories are 100% real. Another reason i recommend this book  because it just fun to read in my opinion is a great fun book to read. I think sport fans would like this book a lot because it goyt a lot of cool and exciting facts. In scale in 1-10 is a 8.